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Whether sucuk, salami, meat sausage or sausages – our customers love the delicious oriental top quality from Kamar. Now also in your supermarket!



Kamar Sucuk

Sucuk from Kamar, the heartily delicious classic.

Sucuk sausage is a widespread specialty and is usually associated with Turkish cuisine. The raw sausage consists of 100% beef and is characterized by a strong, very spicy aroma, characterized by garlic, caraway and coriander. Our Sucuk is available as classic Parmak Sucuk or also cut in serving cut.

Our Sucuk varieties

Parmak Sucuk classic

Garlic sausage Turkish style, pure beef, in one piece

Parmak Sucuk cut

Garlic sausage Turkish style, pure beef.
Sliced and fanned.


Kamar Salami

Our salami is the bestseller among our sausages.

The raw sausage made of turkey and beef is gently smoked over beech wood before it is given its final touch for post-ripening in specially equipped maturing chambers.

Our salami varieties


Turkey salami with beef
cut & fanned

Salare ​Pizza

Turkey salami with beef
cut & fanned

Salare Peperoni

Turkey pepperoni salami with beef
cut & fanned


Turkey salami with beef.
In one piece.


Turkey snack salami with beef.


Kamar boiled Sausages

Sausages, bratwurst and mortadella may not be missing in the Kamar assortment naturally!

Our boiled sausage assortment is tasty and versatile! Whether as boiled sausage on bread, as sausage from the grill or Viennese with potato salad – our sausage simply always tastes good!

Our Bolied sausage varieties


Poultry meat sausage  – cutted


Beef sausage – cutted

Poultry bratwurst

Our classic sausage for grill and pan.


Poultry Bratwurst Döner-style!
Seasonal articles from March to September.

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