Halal made in Germany

Our Company

For more than 20 years, we at Kamar have been producing halal specialties in our family business with ever-growing success. In the production of our products, we not only apply the highest quality standards – as a company, we also feel committed to our employees and the environment. This also includes the production of green energy.

Quality, Safety and certification


Only beef and poultry are processed in our plant in Gehlenberg. This enables us to always guarantee our customers the highest possible product safety and quality.

Corresponding annual certifications prove the high standard. You can view our certificates here.


Our social responsibility

Always a matter of course for us – but this is also where we differ from many of our competitors: The good relationship with our employees.

We never had work contracts – our employees are employed directly by the company. And often for decades or over generations.

Ecologically motivated

Thanks to modern production facilities and our own biogas plant, the environmental impact of our company has been significantly reduced in recent years.

The biogas plant is operated exclusively with waste from food production. Thus, no further raw materials from valuable arable land are required for energy production. The result is impressive: The heat released is used in the company and the electricity is fed into the public grid. In total, the energy production is far in excess of the company’s own requirements.