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Now also in your supermarket: delicious oriental top quality for every taste!

Whether poultry “Bratwurst”, Viennese sausages, hearty cold cuts or our famous sucuk – at Kamar there is something for everyone. Have you tried our Yamini yet? The delicious halal mini salami as a small snack to go. Convince yourself of the unique taste!

Halal made in Germany


Our company

We have been producing Halal products in our family company for over 20 years. You want to know more about us?



Kamar products are generally found in food retailing in Germany. You can visit Kaufland, Netto, Penny and REWE markets in your area. To be sure, you can always ask the market management about our brand.

Kamar sausages are produced exclusively in the town of Gehlenberg in the Oldenburger Münsterland. For this reason, we can guarantee that all our products have the same quality standards and are therefore 100% halal and 100% delicious. You can view our certificates here.

No, we do not have a factory outlet or an online store. That’s why we don’t sell directly to consumers, but we always pay attention to the outlets. If you cannot find our products in your area, send us an email and give us your address, and our team will find the closest market for you where you can find Kamar products.

At our facility in Gehlenberg, we only process poultry and beef.

First of all, as Kamar, we subject ourselves to strict controls every year in order to ensure the highest quality. Our official documents are given by the Islamic Center and Halal Vocational Institute (HaPI) in Munich after a serious inspection. That’s why we guarantee that all Kamar products are produced according to defined ‘Halal standards’.