About 20 million Muslims currently live in Western Europe. In Germany, there are about 3.5 million people living by the rules of Islam and consuming halal foods.

What does "halal” mean?

The term "halal" (in Turkish, "helal") refers to all objects and actions that are allowed or permissible under Islamic law. A Muslim is forbidden from consuming pork, pork by-products, blood, or intoxicating beverages (alcohol).

Quality, safety and certification

Halal is a sensitive issue in the food sector. Production requires the utmost care and purity in the selection of raw materials and exact compliance with the halal rules during production. That's why, in addition to the "Halal Quality Control" certificate we also have certification from the IFS.

Furthermore, we handle only beef and poultry in our halal production facility in Gehlenberg, to eliminate any contamination from pork from the very outset.

Distributors and consumers are thus always assured of the highest product safety and quality.

Animal welfare

We consider it absolutely essential to avoid the unnecessary suffering of animals at slaughter. When selecting our suppliers, therefore, we attach the greatest value to the strict observation and monitoring of animal welfare laws.

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