Our history

Our family business has been around for over 70 years and today is in the hands of the third generation. Once a small family business, it has grown today into a medium-sized company with around 200 employees. Despite this growth, Meemken has retained its artisan tradition and its high standards of quality and flavor.

A major fire in 2007 was quite a disruption to the company. Looking back, though, we can say that the fresh start has been successful. Following the reconstruction, Meemken now has one of Europe's most modern production systems. High economic and environmental efficiency across the entire enterprise lay the ideal groundwork for the future.

The new construction has created one of the most modern production facilities in Europe, which gives us completely new possibilities with regard to product quality, product safety and increased sales. We work extremely flexibly and with a sharp focus on customers, as the commissioning of a fully automated high-bay warehouse opens up even more options to us

Environmentally motivated

Meemken is not an organic company, and yet we are environmentally motivated. Our modern production equipment and cooling equipment and our own biogas plant have enabled us to reduce the environmental impacts of our production significantly in recent years.

The plant is entirely run on power generated from food production waste. That means that no additional resources from valuable arable land are required for energy production. The result is evident: the heat released is used directly within the company and the electricity is fed into the public grid. The overall electricity production is far higher than what the company itself requires.

We’re growing

The purchase of an additional production facility in Delitzsch (Saxony) in 2010 has allowed us to separate the production of halal meat from the production of traditional sausage products. This guarantees our customers a high level of product safety.

We look forward to further acquainting you with the quality of what we do.

Bernhard Meemken

Bernhard Meemken Junior 1964

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